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Welcome to the Whimsicott Gaming Webpage. Now I bet you would like to know who I am! My real name is Joe, but a lot of people know me by my many online handles ( Shiny Whimsicott / Dark Whimsicott / Kobradox / Kobrakid456 / Holyland456 ). I am a huge JRPG fan, and spend more of my days waiting for the next big game. Dont get me wrong I still love all games, minus "Destiny", and will play just about anything. I stream and record gameplay for many games, from League of legends to Halo to Final Fantasy, on Twitch and Youtube. Please feel free to look around the site, I have a list of games I own and will play on stream or record for youtube on the Games tab. You can see the live stream on the Video tab. If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to do so!

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